Our center doesn't just serve women. Men are

deeply affected by their relationship choices.

Whether you need health care or want to know

how to be a supportive partner, we can help.

Things to consider before becoming sexually active:

  • Even the best contraceptives sometimes fail, and your partner could become pregnant. An unexpected pregnancy will involve some unpleasant consequences for both of you, no matter what the final outcome is.

  • Becoming sexually active before marriage can jeopardize current and future relationships.

  • Physical intimacy creates emotional intimacy with your partner that you may not be ready for.

If your partner is pregnant, you may have these questions:

  • Are you going to stay in the relationship?

  • Will you go with her to tell her family/friends?

  • How does she feel about this pregnancy? How much does she value your feelings about it?

  • Are you able and/or willing to raise your child? What is involved in the adoption process? What is involved in the abortion process?

  • What are your legal rights as a father in the state of Texas?

  • If you're still in school, how will this affect your graduation goals?

  • Are you willing to learn more about all available options and how best to support your partner?

If you're already a father, you may be seeking more information about:
  • Taking care of a new baby.

  • Repairing broken relationships between yourself and older children and their mother.

  • Being a strong role model for your children.

  • Leading your family as a Christian husband and father.

  • Providing the needed support for your family.

  • Real men are all about living lives of honesty, passion and purpose. Your kids want to be just like you, and how you act and react with them and their mother will leave a lasting impression. Their sense of integrity, honesty and purpose will be greatly influenced by you.

    • So... are you happy with where your life is headed? Are you prepared to be a role model for your kids?

    • What does God want for your life?

    • Believe it or not, men have been feeling your same emotions and uncertainties for thousands of years.

    • The most successful men understand that their role is a sacred trust God himself has given them, but what does that mean exactly?

There are men at HCPCC who can help you find answers. Men who have been exactly where you are and can walk with you as you begin your adventure into fatherhood.

Call or come by to learn more. HCPCC welcomes you.